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by Diz Array

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released December 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Diz Array Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Track Name: All You Chase
I feel.. still
Lazy, on and on
No attention, your contention
Johnny's gun and on the run
Pushin' you push
Frustrated hands, prosthetic jams
That rumble your bubble
Your all trouble

All you chase

Face to face, your embrace
I've got no time, you undermine
The easy things that seem to me
Feel your dark and all the stops
The rest of your thoughts
Reward you've got all puzzles solved
You're dissolved, but you are not
You are not

All you chase

Beat your meat, out in the street
People got me down
And I think you're cool, smooth
You've got what the have not
On your head, letters said
You've got no place
What to do, separate
I'm awful blue now
Awful blue now

All you chase
Track Name: Asteroid Blues
Your asteroid blues
Never seem to show
The edge of your world
That I know, that I know

Waiting on the weight
A simple thing
You keep to yourself
Pressure on the play
Never say you're through

Extensions of white
Out of your deep
Running to be
Easy to please, easy to please
Track Name: Islands
In the room
In blue

And all the ways
That I can't suspend
I know that you, you don't know
What I feel
That's alright
Track Name: Big Concerns
I keep a good pace
the more I thought
Preoccupied with the edge of my seat
I wasn't feeling okay
Reminded by the parking garages
and the city streets
I'm empty better get myself something sweet,
to make me feel okay

I was just
Passing from
My rushes
And my big concerns
My big concerns

Stoplights never seemed so red,
but retrospect it ain't real anyway
I was ready to split,
I was pretty far on my way
Just like the parking lots I realized
if I could step aside
Understand these people, myself,
and this town that surrounds me

I was just
Passing from
My rushes
And my big concerns
My big concerns
Track Name: 2497
Your eyes fastidious
Look away, look my way
Two four, ninety-seven
Number, what's your name number

Your eyes fastidious
Shutters open, a picture
Take what you will, please know me
It's just I'm no good

What's it got to be
Put together, I'm all there
Just forget it, I'll be forever
Is it you, or is it me?
Track Name: Satan Seems
Did you see the horns, at all
The scorching eyes
Cause it's going to burn inside
You're all mine

Satan seems to think I've had
Consumed the waves
Of your heart and your tears, your fears
That you see washes and washes away

The tongue and the lips could kiss
With total conviction
In packaged diction
Spoken, for someone
Track Name: Ecstasy
Go on wishing and taste

Of never end things
Leisure it's a measure

You know I wouldn't expect
Save for the only
Pleasure turns on the light
Of your lonely lust
In chasing the chase, it's safe

Fills full sublime
You're close on my mind
In the summer
It's your affections
That move, move me, moved to you
Track Name: So Medical
Appraised by the late night state
So indifferent to your smile, because
Appreciate the time, that I wait for you

Can't you see I've got to last
Extend myself from here to never

Shouting at the late lamplight
Dear sis, under the sun, you're so medical
Without words to say, I love you always
Track Name: Robot Lover
Robot wonders
Of robot lover
Not able to say

My heart wants to say
It's not all stone
And quite alone

Under the motions
And so pristine
My cool machine

Between the ears
It's a bit of whisper
Going crash crash
My electric friend

Under the metal
A very very bored
And awfully ignored

Robot ponders
The reasons to be
And pieces of me

Tick tick tick
Way to express
Itself the very best